If you were on Toddlers and Tiaras, how would you want to be announced? [X]

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Awkward Gavin Creel screen caps.

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When someone says a show is bad and they haven’t actually seen it.

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Gavin Creel performing “I Believe” at the Olivier Awards 2014

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Nikki M. James in The Book of Mormon (2011).

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Frozen meets “Defying Gravity”

The execution of this is so flawless, it took my breath away.

oh my god, actual tears are pouring out of my face right now, I am so completely overwhelmed

the editing, the editing, jfc, it’s seamless and incredible and I have no words. absolutely none.

*Wheezes* I think I legitimately stopped breathing for the majority of this. I was absolutely awestruck. 

I’m in tears what the hell

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Let It Go | Jeremy Jordan

Miscast Gala [03.31.14]

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… let me set the record straight. According to the Time Dragon Clock, the melting occurred at the 13th hour; a direct result of a bucket of water thrown by a female child…

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the rest is silence

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My friend was in New York yesterday and passed Andrew Rannells, who was on the phone, saying “well if Grandma asks, tell her I’m still a virgin.”

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Caller: My husband and I watched Bachelorette last night, and we couldn’t help but ask, did you stuff those silver manties?

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Andrew Rannells in Hairpspray 

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